The car is a complex mechanism that needs daily care. Not every car owner knows how to care for a four-wheeled "friend" so that it serves faithfully and truthfully for many years.

Read this new Washé article which will hopefully help you to understand that issue and care for your new car properly!

Before buying a brand new car you will probably take your time and consider a little, because having a new car is not a cheap pleasure, right? Let’s calculate together - each vehicle requires: refueling, which becomes more expensive year after year, repair, (yes, that happens even with new cars), regular maintenance, plus spending on documents of various types (insurance, pole, etc.). We see that vehicle operation takes a lot of money… However, do not rush to name your future car - "money vacuum cleaner", because here you should remember about the benefits that the car brings: it definitely saves time on movement, in some it cases performs the working function for transportation of goods, sometimes the car in general is a tool for earning, a clear example is the work in "Taxi" services!

So, after considering all the pros and cons, you're still going to lean towards the fact that the car is really beneficial and useful means of transportation. Let’s then think about how we can reduce the cost of repairs and various maintenance, carrying out the proper care for your brand new car.

The good condition of spare parts and the car as a whole largely depends on how you will care for it. Every time you sit behind the wheel, you expose your iron horse to dust, mud, fine gravel and other negative influences. But it affects not only the technical condition of the parts, but also the appearance of the vehicle. Who would like to drive a car that has a terrible appearance?! So, if you want to keep the freshness and "youth" of the car, then start taking care of it really properly.

Wash The Car More Often!

The most common mistake of motorists is indifference to dirt, which sticks and stays on the body and windows of the car. In rainy weather it is recommended to wash the car every time after a long drive on muddy roads. You will not believe it, but the mud has the ability to penetrate the top layer of paint on the body, which means that the stain will simply be impossible to deduce over time, and now imagine how many spots like that can form on your car. The ideal solution is regular washing!

Nowadays it is even more easier with the mobile car wash services. If a couple years ago you had to drive to a regular car wash through traffics and rush hour, wait nearby till the workers do their job then pay cash, take your car and drive back home or wheresoever, now you can order the service of a mobile car wash just by pressing a button! All you need to do is download the app, choose Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Emerald package and enjoy your shiny-clean car!

Make Sure You Know All The Technical Nuances!

The next step to proper care of the car will be (you will not believe it) learning the instructions that are attached to any vehicle. In particular, you need to know how often technical maintenance is required and which consumables you need to choose. In addition, the instruction of your new car will probably give the information on which types of oil and antifreeze to use, which gasoline to fuel and many other important technical nuances.

Perhaps you will think that the car service will give you more relevant information, but the manufacturer still knows better about the weaknesses and features of its particular car brand than the master at the car service, for whom all the cars are the same. Also, do not entirely rely on the experience of friends, if they have a completely different brand of a car.

Maintenance of air conditioning.

It is worth saying a few words about the care of the car air conditioning system. Once a year it is recommended to organize its cleaning, it is usually done before the summer season. In order to clean it properly, you need to use special air conditioner cleaners that will help the air conditioning system to work smoother and clear away the unpleasant smell.

Storage and operation.

In addition to proper care for your brand new car it also requires its proper storage. Of course, the ideal place for the car is a well-insulated garage, especially if you leave the vehicle for the winter. The garage should have well conditioning system, the temperature in the closed room should not fall below 5 degrees Celsius and of course the garage should not have high humidity. If your four-wheeled friend is constantly being left in the sun, it must be covered with a special material (cover) that holds the sun's rays. Otherwise, it is possible to fade paint of the body, interior panels, car seats upholstery or the appearance of spots on the body.

Proper care of your car will significantly extend its life and will allow you even years later to look at the car with pride, reasonably claiming that it is "just like a new one."